Tutor's Teaching Channel


You have a very admirable goal of wanting your students to excel, to learn faster and fuller, to reach their goals with their instruments.

Why not help them achieve their goal - and yours - faster and fuller?

Think about how people have different learning and sensory modalities and preferences, and how different people learn in different ways...

Advanced Learning​


​Some prefer...

  • ​Visual (seeing) learning
  • Auditory (hearing) learning
  • Kinesthetic (tactile) learning

Most people like a mix - and learn best when there is a mix.

In your lessons, you most likely have a mix already. Your students are seeing their instrument, they're hearing the sounds and they're physically touching the instrument

Imagine if you could easily provide more.

Picture your students deepening their learning by listening and watching your lessons on your own TV-type learning channel, online, right here on TutorTube.com

How happy (and therefore continuing as a paying client) will the students and parents of your students be, if you provided them with a video recording of their last lesson?

Students can re-learn and revise what you've taught them, and parents can monitor progress, and help the learning process more.

This is exactly what TutorTube provides you with.​

Watch & Learn

TutorTube gives you simple tutorial instructions showing how to create such videos effectively and easily, and how to add them into your students online TutorTube account.

In this way, you can record lessons with a student and/or create your own video tutorials for others.

You can record audio files for your students to listen to.

You can create text documents for your students to learn from.

Who Gets What?

You can make your learning content available to all students, limited to a skill-level group, or limited to only 1 student.

You might make certain content (videos, audio files and text documents) available only to (eg) Grade 1 Piano students.

Or to all students.

Or to only 1 students.

You have control of your own TV and Multi-Media channel!

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We are focused on giving the best service to the new tutors who sign up with TutorPay and TutorTube. Because there are only so many of us here at TutorPay HQ, we need to limit the number of new tutors signing up each month.

​Limited New Slots​

So new spaces ('slots') are strictly limited to only 100 new tutors per month.

This way, we can give you the (free) help and support you might need setting up to make maximum use and benefit from the TutorPay and TutorTube system.

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