Recurring Lesson Payments

Can you picture how much more stable your business would be if you had income regularly, automatically, ongoing, coming in to you each week, each month?


With TutorTube, you can have students/parents paying you via a recurring subscription, similar to a Direct Debit. The price can be varied and the interval can be varied, at your control



For instance, if you are on holiday one week, then the weekly payments for that week will be zero.

You define what payment interval you want;

Do you want your students to pay you weekly, monthly, half-termly or termly?

(If you choose half-termly or termly then you need to first define the dates of your terms)

So if you choose to be paid monthly, and you are on holiday for one of the weeks, then the monthly payment will be adjusted accordingly.



The business strength of a recurring, automatic subscription is hugely powerful. Think of anything you already pay for in this way?

Maybe a magazine subscription, your telephone bill, gas or electricty bill, or an insurance policy that is on monthly Direct Debit payment.

Think of anything where it is very easy to pay, and you dont have to think too much or worry about making the payment. Payment tends to continue...

Most people tend to almost forget it, or at least, it is easier to just leave it to run, even if you're thinking about maybe cancelling.

It's easier to continue.

Do not underestimate what this continuity payment does for your business.

Big businesses are built on this one simple concept of automatically recurring continuity payments.

All this means more power to your business.



If you collect payments by cash or cheque, then you probably know what a hassle going to the bank, queueing, filling in all the paperwork and paying in your cash and cheques can be.

With TutorTube and PayPal, it is all done digitally. The transaction fee (as all banks charge) is deducted and your money is instantly and automatically sent into your account, ready and available for you.

No paperwork, no trips to the bank, no paying-in slips.


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