Lesson Payment Automation​
  > Receive lesson fees automatically
  > Automatic receipts & invoicing

Private Online Classrooms
  > 1-to-many
  > 1-to-1


The Key Benefits​

Tutor Tube connects tutor and student to enhance the learning experience, both digitally and financially.

Your Teaching Channel:

Add whatever private video, audio or documents you want so your students learn faster and better online.

Automatic Payments:

Accept payments via trusted PayPal, like your own Direct Debit, but we take care of the hassle.

Easy Admin

Simple interface to see which of your students has paid or not and administer their account and learning tools.



Who should see what? Create online classrooms for 1-to-1 or 1-to-many. You're in control.


You control when you're working and when you're on holiday, and when lessons are to be paid.

Cost Control:

Yes, we charge zero. After the small PayPal transaction fees, you receive your student fees.


Automatic Invoicing:

Your invoices are instantly and auto generated, and sent to you and your students, so you dont have to worry about invoice admin.
Save on Accounting costs - its automatically done for you.


You control how much and how often you charge your students, whether weekly, monthly, half-termly or termly. You define when the students' lessons are, so the student pays, and you get paid accordingly.

Sell Extra Products:

You can sell add-on products (like sheet music, books, equipment etc) or services (like examination accompaniment etc).
It is like having your own shop, without the high-street rent or



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