How It Works For Tutors​

Tutor Tube connects tutor and student to enhance the learning experience, both digitally and financially.

Watch this video to learn more, and see how it can help you

TutorTube is 2 products in 1...

TutorPay enables you to take lesson payments via an automated weekly, monthly, half-termly, termly or yearly subscription, so you dont need to ever worry about outstanding bills, chasing payment, recording who has paid and who hasnt, going to the bank and queueing to pay your own money into your own bank account...

Your invoices and bookkeeping, done for you. 

  • ​Integrate your lesson schedule diary with variable payment automation, like a Direct Debit
  • Safe & secure, trusted and easy with PayPal security
  • Schedule your lesons and automatically get paid into the future, without future payment chasing or paperwork
  • Invoices and bookkeeping fully automated.  Invoices generated and automatically sent out prior to payment, and receipts sent on payment

With the TutorTube element, you can offer your students extra learning online via video, text and audio.  Your students get a higher learning experience.

This means your students fast-track their learning by accessing your personal training material in video, text or audio format.

You define whether content is for a certain skill-level, membership level or specifically and personally for a certain student!

  • Your own online classroom, secure and private for paying clients
  • Offer 1-to-1 online content, eg a video recording of one student's previous lessons, only accessible to that student
  • Offer 1-to-many classroom eg for a certain skill level, such as Maths GCSE level
  • Control content and access, whether video, text, audio or document, at the click of a button


So you choose.

You can simply use only the 'Tutor Pay' element, to automate your lesson payments and it's administration and invoicing, or without changing anything, start using the 'Tube' elements, to offer your students value-added services, such as online training, certain skill-level videos or special documents for a specific student (or all of them).​

As a tutor, you pay nothing to TutorTube...

Yes, we're completely FREE

TutorPay Costs

TutorTube Costs

FREE + Standard PayPal Fees


So we don't charge you for using the TutorPay system.

Obviously there is a charge which PayPal (and all online payment systems) have to charge for processing payments. Via the secure PayPal system, we pay these fees to PayPal for you from the student payments. When your students pay, by automated payment subscription, the standard PayPal fees which you would normally have to pay (from 1.9% + £0.20.  More details here) are taken out for you and paid to PayPal. You then receive 100% of the remainder. TutorTube does not charge any monthly subscription fees.

TutorPay - Take calendar-scheduled lesson payments.

TutorTube - 1-to-1 or 1-to-many online private classroom.