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  • Manage learning progress
  • Easy, automated payments
  • No more hunting for the chequebook or cash

TutorTube.com is all about making life easier and better for tutors, students and parents. It offers tutors the ability to create their own website in seconds, with a Private Membership system for students, to offer tutoring materials and to administer lesson payments.

Tutor Tube is the brainchild of Greg Hancock and Duncan RitsonElliott, the leaders of the team behind the TutorTube success.

As a company, we were born from our own frustrations as parents whose children go to music and extra tuition lessons. Co-Founder Greg Hancock says…

Greg Hancock

Greg Hancock

“I was sat waiting during my son Ted’s drum lesson, and I suddenly thought “He’s not taking 100% of this in. It would be great if I had a video of this lesson to watch back with Ted, to help him, to highlight things he could focus on to improve his learning. Couldn’t the tutor offer that as an addon service?”

​Then I got together with Duncan [Duncan RitsonElliott] and together we built the concept, the system and the team, to make this work well for tutors, students and parents alike.

​In essence, TutorTube allows tutors to streamline their lesson-payments, their admin and their learning provision, while giving a better learning environment to student and parents.”

​Co-Founder and CEO Duncan RitsonElliott is an experienced internet businessman and also father of 4, and hence has hands-on experience of being a parent of children taking extra tuition.

Duncan, who is passionate about streamlining things, and making things easier, said...

Duncan Ritson-Elliott

Duncan Ritson-Elliott

​“From my own experience, and from talking with my daughter’s piano tutor, I absolutely knew that cash and cheque payments were a constant headache.

Rachel, our piano tutor, said she was sometimes having to take 50 to 60 cheques to the bank and manually fill in little bits of paper to get it all put in, putting them into the bank one by one.

​From my previous internet business experience, I was frustrated, thinking “Why isn’t this all automated? This should all be securely done for us by technology!”

​So this TutorPay part is a key part of what we have built for tutors and parents on TutorTube.com”

Together, the TutorTube team are developing more technology to help tutors improve their offering and making it easier and better for students to learn.

It is our aim to provide the best hub in the world for tutors and students, to enable faster, better learning.

TutorTube connects tutor and student to enhance the learning experience, both digitally and financially.​


There are 2 main elements within TutorTube…

  1. TutorPay - Automated flexible payments (which can be weekly/monthly, half-termly, termly or yearly) for lessons, including invoicing, admin and table of payments for easy viewing.
  2. The TutorTube - Fast tracks learning so students can access tutors’ personal training material in video, text, image or audio format. Tutors define whether content is for a certain skill-level (eg for all Grade 2 Piano students), membership level or specifically and personally for a specific student for a higher learning experience


Manually taking payments from students each week, each lesson etc can be a hassle for tutors and students/parents alike. Is this lesson paid for? Is it in arrears?

Why not use the wonders of modern technology to automate the payments for you? No messy cheque books, no credit cards again and again, and no cash each week. Students/parents simply sign up to pay at the tutor’s selected time-intervals and lesson fees. It’s like signing up to a Direct Debit, but without the massive set-up cost.

Tutors get paid automatically, and students/parents don’t need to worry about outstanding bills. It’s all automatic, by calculating how many booked lessons are scheduled within that time period.

With a simple login interface, tutors can see which students are ‘live’, still subscribed and paid for.


Imagine an online learning environment, with bespoke tailored lessons for each class, skill-level or student. You upload videos, audio, images, text and other training material and define who it is for – a class, an ability level, a membership level or an individual student.

So you choose.

Tutors can simply use only the ‘Tutor Pay’ element, to automate lesson payments and it’s administration and invoicing, or without changing anything, start using the ‘Tube’ elements, to offer your students value-added services, such as online training, Grade 2 guitar videos or special sheet music for a specific student (or all of them).

As a tutor, you need pay nothing to TutorTube…

As a student/parent, you simply pay your normal lesson fees, as defined by your tutor.

Yes, it’s completely FREE!

Students need to sign up directly with their tutor on TutorTube.com. Ask your tutor for their TutorTube.com channel address.

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