Your Learning Channel

You have a very admirable goal of wanting to excel, to learn faster and fuller, to reach your goals with your instruments.

Why not achieve your goal faster and fuller?

If you think about how people have different learning and sensory modalities and preferences, and how different people learn in different ways…

brainAdvanced Learning

Some prefer…

  • Visual (seeing) learning
  • Auditory (hearing) learning
  • Kinesthetic (tactile) learning

Most people like a mix – and learn best when there is a mix.

In your lessons, you most likely have a mix already. You are seeing the instrument, hearing the sounds and physically touching the instrument.

Imagine if you could easily achieve more…

Picture yourself deepening your learning by listening and watching your lessons on your own TV-type learning channel, online, right here on

How happy you be, if you had access to video recordings of their last lessons?

You can re-learn and revise what you’ve been taught, and parents can monitor progress, and help the learning process more.

This is exactly what TutorTube provides you with.


Watch & Learn

You get access to online videos to learn from.

Also audio files to listen to.

And also text documents to download and read.

Who Gets What?

We can make your learning content available to all students, limited to a skill-level group, or limited to only you.

For example, we might make certain content (videos, audio files and text documents) available only to (eg) Grade 1 Piano students.

Or to all students.

Or to only you.

You’re part of our own TV and Multi-Media channel!

To find out ask your tutor for their TutorTube channel website.

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