Automated Payments


Can you picture how much easier it is for you and for us now that all payments are securely automated?

You don’t need to worry about bringing cash to a lesson or worrying about where the cheque book is.

Or have you paid already or not?

With TutorTube, you pay via a secure recurring subscription, similar to a Direct Debit. The price can be varied and the interval can be varied, depending on how many lessons are scheduled within the timeframe.


For instance, if your tutor is on holiday one week, then the weekly payments for that week will be zero.

Tutors define what payment interval is set;

Do you pay weekly, monthly, half-termly or termly?

So if your lesson payment plan is set to pay monthly, and your tutor (or you) are on holiday for one of the weeks, then the monthly payment will be adjusted accordingly.


The business strength of a recurring, automatic subscription is hugely powerful.  It is easier for your tutor, and it is easier for you.

This means that we can get on with what we are good at; tutoring.

Passing on the knowledge we have that you want.

Not needing to worry about administering cash or cheque payments, the paperwork, goign to the bank etc.

Easy Setup


The setup for automated payments is very simple.

You simply follow throughthe secure PayPal process, follow the instructions and set up your recurring payment agreement, just like you do for a Direct Debit.

Then the simple magic happens after that.

Easy Maintenance



Have you ever been about to leave for a lesson or anywhere, then stopped, gone back and had to rummage around trying to locate some money or your cheque book because you know you havent paid yet?

Our system with TutorTube means you dont need to worry about any of that.  You simply set it up once, then you dont need to do a single thing after then.

Between us and the website, it is all securely handled automatically, so you pay the correct amount, on time, and you don’t need to lift a finger.


To find out ask your tutor for their TutorTube channel website.